Legal Requirements

The Voluntary Plan (VP) program is governed by the laws outlined in Sections 3254 thru 3272 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code (CUIC). The CUIC requires the following:

  • An individual covered by a VP will be afforded the same rights as if they were covered under State Disability Insurance (SDI).
  • Each claimant must receive at least the same weekly benefit amount, maximum benefit amount, and duration of benefits as if covered by SDI.
  • The VP will provide at least one right or benefit that is greater than the rights provided by SDI.
  • The VP will amend its provisions to match any increase in rights or benefits that SDI implements as a result of legislation or approved regulation.
  • The cost to the employee will not be greater than the cost for participation in SDI.

For additional information about the VP program:

  • Call the Voluntary Plan Group (VPG) at 1-916-653-6839.
  • Send an inquiry by e-mail to:
  • Write to:

Employment Development Department
Disability Insurance Branch, MIC 29 VP
P.O. Box 826880
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001