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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Certify for Continued Benefits With UI Online

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UI OnlineSM is a fast, secure and easy way to certify for continued benefits* even when reporting work, wages, other income, and work search efforts. You can even update your contact information at the same time that you certify for benefits. If you are certifying on a smartphone or tablet, see the Certify for Benefits on UI Online MobileSM page.

Step 1: Access Your UI Online Account.

Log in to Benefit Programs Online and select UI Online to get started. Check the Notifications section of your home page to see if you have any available weeks for certification. If there are weeks available, select Certify for Benefits. If none are currently available, you will receive an email notification when you have weeks available to certify.

Most customers certify for continuing benefits two weeks at a time. If you have multiple weeks that need to be certified, you’ll start with the oldest week first. You can only certify for two weeks at a time regardless of the number of weeks available. For example, if you have four weeks available for certification, you will need to complete this process two times.

Important: If you stopped claiming benefits even once, the system will advise you to reopen your claim to resume claiming benefits. Select Reopen your Claim to resume benefits and respond to the questions asked. If your claim has expired, you’ll be advised to file a new claim.

Step 2: Answer the Certification Questions.

Select Certify for Benefits to get started.

You will need to answer all of the certification questions for each week listed. These are the same questions that appear on the paper form Continued Claim (DE 4581). You may be asked to respond to some clarifying questions to help the EDD determine your eligibility for benefits. If even more information is needed, a phone interview will be scheduled to resolve any potential eligibility issues.

Work Search Record: If you answer Yes to Question 3, “Did you look for work?” you will be presented with the Work Search Record screen.

This screen is optional and you may use it to document your work search efforts. Although you are not required to complete this screen, the EDD does encourage you to use this helpful tool. At any time, you may retrieve your work search efforts by accessing your Claim History and selecting Certification for the desired week.

If you do not wish to use this helpful tool, select Next to continue with the certification process.

Important: You must report your gross wages (all earnings or income before deductions) during the week that you worked and earned the wages, not when you receive your pay. If you have work or wages to report, be sure to gather the information before you start the certification process. This includes your gross wages, number of hours worked, complete name and address of your employer(s), and the last date physically worked. For more information on the types of wages to report and how to report your wages, visit FAQs – Report Work and Regular Wages or check out our video Report Wages and Regular Earnings with UI Online.

If you have been approved by the EDD for self-employment or independent contractor work, report your earnings as instructed by the EDD. For more information on how to report these types of wages on UI Online, check out our video Report Self-Employment and Commissions using UI Online.

Step 3: Review and Submit Your Certifications.

Be sure to carefully review all of your answers for accuracy. If you notice an error after you have submitted your certification, contact the EDD immediately by calling 1-800-300-5616 or submitting a question in Ask EDD. Be sure to include the week ending date, the corrected information, and a brief explanation.

Advisory: If you knowingly collect benefits based on false or inaccurate information that you intentionally provided when you filed your claim or submitted your certifications, you are committing fraud. Unemployment Insurance (UI) fraud is punishable by law and violators could face a number of serious penalties and consequences. For more information, review the Fraud: What You Need to Know.

Step 4: Get Your Confirmation Number.

Your certification has not been successfully submitted until you receive a confirmation number. You should save this number for your reference. If there’s a question about your certification, an EDD representative can better assist you if you can provide your confirmation number.

Additional online resources

*Customers on Partial or Work Sharing claims are unable to certify for benefits or reopen an existing claim using UI Online at this time, but can access all other features of the system.