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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

About UI Online MobileSM

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A mobile-friendly version of UI Online is available for your smartphone and tablet.

With UI Online Mobile, you can:

If additional information is needed to complete an action in UI Online Mobile, you will be redirected to the UI Online full site without having to log in for a second time. If at any time you need to go to the full site for more extensive information, select the “Full Site” link at the bottom of your screen.

*Customers on Partial or Work Sharing claims are unable to certify for benefits or reopen an existing claim using UI Online at this time

Log In or Register – Benefit Programs Online

The Employment Development Department’s online benefit services, such as UI Online Mobile, are accessed through Benefit Programs Online. Select Benefit Programs Online below to log in or to register for access. To use UI Online Mobile, you must first register in both Benefit Programs Online and UI Online.

Sample of UI Online Mobile:

UI Online mobile screen