Credit Card Vendor

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Before you make your credit card payment, note the following:

  • A convenience fee of 2.3 percent (.023) of the payment amount will be charged by Official Payments Corp. (OPC) to use your credit card. The minimum fee is $1. The convenience fee is not revenue to the EDD.

To make an online payment, visit the OPC website:

  • Select “State Payments.”
  • Enter Jurisdiction Code:
    • Payroll Tax Deposit (DE 88) – 1501
    • Other Payroll Tax Liabilities – 1501
    • Benefit Overpayment – 1577
  • Select “Make a Payment.”
  • Select “Payment Type.”
  • Select “Make a Payment” and complete the required fields.
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To make a credit card payment by phone:

  1. Call 1-800-2PAY-TAX (1-800-272-9829).
  2. Choose Option 2 and enter the appropriate jurisdiction code from the list above.
  3. Follow the recorded instructions.

The OPC is not under the control of the EDD, and the EDD is not responsible for the contents or links on their website. The EDD recommends that you review OPC’s security and confidentiality statements.

For more information, visit the FAQs – Payroll Tax Credit Card Payments or the FAQs – Benefit Overpayment Credit Card Payments page.