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Bay-Peninsula Region

The Bay-Peninsula region is comprised of San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties.

Top Five Job-Producing Industries*

*Projected job growth is for the time period of 2014-2024. The bolded industry is reflected in the success story for this region.

Current Job Openings for the Top Five Industries

Current number of job openings for the top five industries**:

  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services – 5,376
  • Health Care and Social Assistance – 1,357
  • Accommodation and Food Services – 848
  • Information – 1,515
  • Educational Services – 1,189

**Most recent job listings as captured by The Conference Board Help Wanted Online for July 2018.

Success Story

For 16 years, Alicia Velez-Rivers has been helping make job seekers’ dreams a reality. Velez-Rivers is a Health Care Program Coordinator at Jewish Vocational Service (JVS). JVS, a partner of the Office of Economic Workforce Development in San Francisco, has played an integral part in helping job seekers locate and maintain employment.

Velez-Rivers becomes emotional when she shares her experience with helping job seekers who become vocational students find jobs. “It is very gratifying to go through the process with those students,” she says. One vocational student who demonstrated such a good work ethic was Erica King, who made an impact on the staff right away. “If people knew her (King’s) story they would be totally amazed about the sacrifices she made to go forward,” said Velez-Rivers.

King was juggling raising her foster siblings with the stress of daily commutes from Sacramento to San Francisco to attend a vocational class offered by JVS. She woke up at 4 a.m. to take a three-hour bus ride to San Francisco. “It seemed very crazy,” said King. “Actually a lot of people thought I was insane to even think to do that, but I was willing to do anything.”

Velez-Rivers recognized King’s determination and perseverance to complete the nine-week class followed by a four-month internship, all while diligently working to better the lives of her family. Velez-Rivers said of King, “She just performed so well in her internship that her supervisor actually had a career position coming up and offered it to her.”  

The position King accepted was at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) as a Practice Coordinator. Since taking the job nearly two years ago, Erica excelled and earlier this year was named 2018 Employee of the Year. “We hope that JVS can continue to transform the lives of not only those in this program, but many of the programs that we offer here,” said Velez-Rivers. The vocational program enrolls 22 job seekers twice a year.

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