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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Trade Dispute TD 120 - Fact Finding Guide

Nonunion employees - Initial Work Stoppage Actions

Honoring Picket Line by Nonunion Employees

Refer to Fact-finding Guide TD 60 (FF).

No Union Trade Dispute

  1. Ask claimant and employer to explain circumstances leading up to the walkout. Who was the spokesperson for the employees? His/her phone number?
  2. How many employees left work? Date? Time?
  3. Did they establish a picket line? Date? Time?
  4. Did the employees tell the employer they were leaving? If so, what was the employer’s response?
  5. Did the claimant attempt to return to work? If so, what was he/she told? Does work remain available to the employees who walked out?
  6. Has the claimant resigned? Was the claimant discharged for participating in a trade dispute?
  7. What was the claimant’s intent at the time of the walkout? Did he/she intend to return to work?
  8. Have the employees taken any further action since the walkout? Have they contacted a union for assistance? If so, what union? Date contacted? Has the union contacted the employer?