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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Looking for Summer Help? Hire Youth!

Many students’ first step into the world of work begins with a summer job. But research suggests that many youth lack the informal, social networks and relevant work experience, which are the two most powerful tools for acquiring employment.

To address the challenges facing younger workers the Employment Development Department (EDD), in partnership with your local America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM, are here to help employers with hiring youth. Read below to find out more.

But first, did you know:

Visit a local America’s Job Center of California

Your local America’s Job Center of California can offer focused recruitment campaigns for your summer hiring needs, assistance promoting your vacancies, facilities to interview applicants, and more.

Go Online with CalJOBSSM

CalJOBS is California’s virtual job center with access to thousands of job seekers statewide.

With CalJOBS you can:

If you are looking to hire students for summer positions, there are a few things to consider.