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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Workforce Accelerator Fund (WAF) Frequently Asked Questions

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Accelerator projects are typically one year in duration. Review your particular RFA and contract materials to find your grant term, the start date of your project is the day you may begin accruing expenditures. Only ten percent of your total awarded will be available for immediate use. The remainder will become available when all the subgrant exhibits are submitted and approved by EDD.

All travel costs must be accounted for in your budget.  If it is budgeted, the costs associated with attending the WAF convening sessions are covered under your grant terms.

Those staff members listed on the CalJOBS Access Form will receive access first. Your MIS Administrator may request CalJOBS access for other staff members.

Your grant code/s to be used to report expenditures, request cash, and enroll participants is included in the welcome email from your EDD Project Manager. More information will be included during the scheduled CalJOBS training sessions for the different WAF versions. 

Your project falls under the category “Special Projects.” You will not be required to submit cash invoices. All fiscal reporting will be done through the CalJOBS system.

The timeline you created for your project in your proposal dictates whether you have a planning period at the beginning of your project. Regardless, ten percent of your project funds are available immediately after the start date. 

The signatory authority may come in many different forms, which is why we do not provide a template. Therefore, a Board Resolution Form will fulfill this requirement.

Change Form Type 3 is to be used by subrecipients who are affiliated with an America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM. If this does not apply to your organization, then you do not need to file the form. Please review Directive WSD16-11 Organizational Information Change.

You can leave this section blank.

The fiscal administrator will be responsible for all fiscal matters, such as: filing expenditure reports, requesting cash, etc. The fiscal administrator is our contact regarding all fiscal issues as well, so he/she should be readily available and have sufficient knowledge of where and how funds are being expended.

For now, please mark “No” to state that you do not have an ICR. The De Minimis rate is a 10% Modified Total Direct Costs rate.  Please refer to Department of Labor’s Frequently Asked Questions for information on ICRs and De Minimis rates. We are currently working with DOL so to issue a directive on this topic. This is also a new WIOA requirement.

You can find it on the second page of your contract on the left side, under the heading "WIA/WIOA 15%," there is a line that is similar to "61.40 Ref 001 Fed Ctlg 17.258."  Please verify on your contract.

Once the State Board announces the award of your subgrant, the EDD Project Manager becomes your primary contact for the State. Examples of issues that your EDD Project Manager will help you with are:

  • Invoices
  • Reports (participants and expenditures)
  • CalJOBS Issues
  • Grant Management
  • Budget and reporting discrepancies/revisions
  • Project implementation/operation

The State Board staff will remain available to assist with the following issues:

  • Learning Communities
  • Program evaluations
  • Best practices sharing

Send all project inquiries to

The CalJOBS User Registration Form needs to be submitted in order for you to complete your expenditure report and draw cash. The CalJOBS System Access Form is required for all subrecipient staff which will be entering participant information into CalJOBS. These forms can be found in CalJOBS. If your entity is not serving participants, this form is not needed. Please compile and send one form per entity which should be sent by the designated SPOC (Single Point of Contact).

Refer to the Resources for Grant Subrecipients page.  From there, you will be able to access:

  • WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act), which is the law governing federal funds.
  • Uniform Guidance, which is the policy for federal awards.
  • EDD’s directives, which provide policy and guidance regarding WIOA program requirements, funding, and workforce activities.

Contact your EDD Project Manager for any policy guidance.