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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Where Is My Payment

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You can access your payment information online or by phone without waiting to speak to a representative. These options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

UI OnlineSM (Recommended)

Use UI OnlineSM to get detailed payment information. You can also certify for benefits, update your contact information, view all appointments, reschedule phone interviews, and more.

To access this information, you can select the “Payment Activity” link at the top of the page, or select the “View Payment Activity” button in the Claim Summary section on the home page.

Important Information Regarding the Rollout of UI OnlineSM: The EDD will introduce UI OnlineSM to UI customers using a phased rollout and begin mailing the EDD Customer Account Number letter (DE 5614) in spring 2015. This phased rollout ensures that our customers have a smooth transition to UI OnlineSM. This letter will include the information required to register for UI OnlineSM and instructions on how to get started.

UI Self-Service Phone Line

Call the Automated Self-Service Toll-free Number: 1-866-333-4606
Please dial carefully.

UI benefit payment information is updated daily, and reflects the claim activity which occurred on the previous business day. Make the following selections from the recorded messages:

Language Preference (choice):

Press 1 to hear this recording in English.

Press 1 for information on your unemployment insurance payment and EDD Debit CardSM information.

Press 1 to receive the information on the last payment on your claim.

The automated phone system requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access confidential information and to submit certifications by phone. You will need to establish a new PIN if using this service for the first time or if you have not used your PIN in the last six months.

Press 1 if you already have a PIN.
Press 2 if you do not have a PIN or have forgotten your PIN.
Press 3 if you want to change your PIN.

The first time you call, listen carefully and follow the instructions for establishing your PIN.

Establishing your PIN

  1. Enter your nine-digit Social Security number.
  2. Enter your weekly benefit amount. This is the amount you would receive before deductions if you were paid unemployment insurance benefits for only one week. Enter only the dollar portion.
    Example: For $230, enter 230
  3. Enter a new 4-digit PIN.
    Choose a number you will remember. You will hear the date your payment was issued and the amount of the payment. Allow 10 days to receive your benefits. It is not necessary to call more than once a day.


Always keep your Social Security number and PIN private and secure. Do not share your PIN with anyone to prevent fraud from occurring on your claim.

If you have not used your PIN in over six months, your PIN will be inactivated and you will need to establish a new PIN.

Other Telephone Services:

Call the automated Self-Service Number – available 24 hours a day.