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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

What is Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Did You Know?

Collecting Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits based on providing false, misreported, or unreported information to the Employment Development Department (EDD) is considered committing UI fraud. If you are filing a claim, reopening a claim, or certifying for UI benefits, you are legally responsible for making sure you follow the requirements set by state law. You could face a number of serious penalties and consequences for committing UI fraud.

Examples of UI fraud could include:

If you commit UI fraud, then you could face a variety of serious penalties. These include:

How to Avoid Committing UI Fraud When Collecting Benefits

To avoid penalties for committing UI fraud:

If you think you may have unintentionally committed UI fraud, contact the EDD immediately by phone, by mail, or online. For more information on UI fraud prevention and how to properly report work and wages, visit: