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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Suitable Work SW 235 - Fact Finding Guide

Health or Physical Condition

  1. Was a medical or health condition the primary reason for the refusal? How would the claimant’s health be affected by this particular job?
  2. Did the claimant leave his or her last employment due to this medical or health condition?
  3. Did the claimant have first-hand knowledge of the conditions of the offered job due to previous experience?
  4. Did the claimant investigate the conditions of the job? Did he or she attempt adjustment or give the employer an opportunity to adjust the conditions of the job?
  5. Is the claimant prohibited from working on the job due to legal or medical restrictions related to his or her health?
  6. If the claimant is disabled, how does the prospective employment differ from other work performed with respect to demands on his or her physical capabilities?
  7. If the claimant has refused to use a means of reducing his or her handicap, such as wearing glasses, a prosthesis, etc., what is his or her reason for the refusal?