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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Suitable Work SW 170 - Fact Finding Guide

Referral, Interview, and Acceptance

  1. Did a job opening actually exist? Is the job still open? Is the work suitable?
  2. Was the claimant adequately informed concerning the wages, hours, and working conditions of the prospective employment?
  3. Did the claimant understand that he or she was being given a referral to work?
  4. Was the claimant informed of the possible effect that refusing a referral might have on receipt of future UI benefits?
  5. If the referral was accepted, did the claimant act upon it within a reasonable period of time? If not, was there good cause for the delay?
  6. If the offer of referral or work was refused, did the claimant have good cause for the refusal?
  7. If there was a failure to reach agreement, what is the claimant’s explanation? What is the employer’s explanation?
  8. Did the claimant perform any work at all for the employer? If yes, the issue is separation, not suitable work.
  9. If the claimant failed to report for an interview, physical, or for work, was the claimant given specific instructions?
  10. Was the failure to report for an interview, physical, or work, for compelling reasons?
  11. If the employment service interviewer or the employer felt the claimant precluded a referral or job offer, what were the claimant’s actions that brought about this conclusion? Did the claimant’s actions actually constitute a refusal?
  12. If the referral was not formally made or was incomplete, was this due to the fault, negligence, or other actions of the claimant?