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Employment Development Department
Employment Development Department

Reducing Paper and Costs for the State:
The DE 44 and DE 8829 is Online!

Beginning with the 2013 Employer Guides, the Employment Development Department (EDD) has discontinued the automatic annual mailing of the California Employer’s Guide (DE 44) and the Household Employer’s Guide (DE 8829).

In our continuing effort to become more efficient and effective, the EDD will now mail the guides only to employers who request them.

Effective immediately, employers who wish to continue to receive a paper guide each year must go to e-Services for Business and select the “Request an Annual Mailing of CA Employer’s Guide (DE 44) or Household Employer’s Guide (DE 8829)” link, or go directly to the Annual Mailing Preference page and choose to receive the guide. Employers who do choose to receive the paper guide will continue to receive one annually until they change their designated preference. Employers do not need to be registered for e-Services for Business to make their choice.

No action is required for employers who do not wish to receive a paper copy of the guide.

In addition, the EDD will continue to publish electronic versions of the current guides and withholding schedules to our website every December. Guides may be opened and/or saved from the Payroll Taxes - Forms and Publications page.

Also, paper copies of the guide(s) will continue to be available through the Online Forms and Publications page or can be obtained at a local employment tax office.

While on the e-Services for Business page, you may enroll in our online services. Employers can manage their employer payroll tax account, file reports, make deposits, update addresses, and much more. It's fast, easy, secure, and now accessible through smartphones and tablets! You can even take a test-drive by viewing our e-Services for Business Tutorials.

For more information, visit FAQs – Employer’s Guide.